Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Dare to Go Bare

This last week of May has been so hectic that I had no time to connect with my blog, so I am a few days behind.  However, this morning I made sure to clear my schedule to catch up.

A runner's feet are usually not very pretty.  They are often going through various stages- new blisters and bruised toes, black and mangled toenails or regrowth of aforesaid toenails.  Not pretty!  That is why I seldom dare to walk barefoot.  Funny enough, there are many women who feel the same about their feet and constantly keep them covered.  What a shame! 

 A few years ago I have changed my believe that only those with exceptionally beautiful feet should have them on display.  I am now a firm advocate of celebrating ones feet.  After all, they work hard and transport us wherever we wish to go.  They are always at our service.  Thus they deserve our loving care and gratitude.  So, today I want to tell you that you MAY walk barefoot.  Enjoy the feel of the cool tiles beneath your feet, the way the sand wiggles in between your toes and the grass tickles your feet.

Furthermore, there are some very real benefits to walking barefoot.  When we walk barefoot different muscles in our feet are activated, and it helps to strengthen the tendons and muscles of our feet.  Even our ankles, calves and Achilles tendons are being stretched and strengthened by walking barefoot.  Walking barefoot can also trigger the acupuncture points in our feet and improve blood circulation and have a positive effect on our nervous system.

When we walk barefoot we usually enjoy doing it outside.  It forces us to be in the moment as our eyes have to be aware of where we are stepping in order to avoid injury, it makes us aware of our surroundings.  When we are out in nature, when we breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on our skins we begin to relax and our stress levels decrease.

Come on, I dare you, kick off those constraining shoes and set those little piggies free.  Dare to go bare!!!!

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