Thursday, 23 May 2019

You May...(3)

Today is a beautiful bright Autumn day in the Southern Hemisphere. The trees proudly wear their crowns of yellow, orange and red leaves.  Yes, today is the perfect day to wear something bold, and to be bold.  It is strange how we as parents encourage our children to be confident and we dress them in eye-catching and cute outfits, yet those same children grow up being afraid to stand out or to take a stand.  Maybe because the sub-conscious message they have received is one of reticence.  We were taught to be more reserved and modest and despite our efforts that is the message we pass on.
Today I want to encourage you to be bold.  Yes, you may wear a bright red coat, you may wear flowers in your hair and you may walk down the street as if you own it!  
We we were all born for great things, and although not all of us can be world leaders, inventors or Einsteins, we can all do little things in a great way.  We have all been created to be unique, to be our own brand of special.
So by all means,go on, live life, and live it BOLDLY!

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