Friday, 31 May 2019


What a beautiful day it is, a little chilly, but the sun shines and the skies are clear.  Another hectic week has passed.  Do you count the days to the week-end or do you mark the weeks off until it is time for your annual leave?  That's great, we should always have something to look forward to.  However, in the process the ordinary, often hectic days pass us by without much of a memory retained about the day itself.  Weeks and months fly pass in the blink of an eye, and when we look back we can seldom even remember what we have done with the time.  Is this how you feel too?  Then maybe it is time to start celebrating.  No, I am not talking about birthdays or special occasions.  I mean, you only have a birthday once a year, public holidays, weddings and family events only happen so often.  I am talking about celebrating the ordinary, yet, wonderful happenings which fill our lives everyday.  Did you make your deadline?  Celebrate!  Did your toddler wake you up at five this morning boasting a new tooth?  Celebrate.  Is it the first day of a new season?  Yep, celebrate it!  Did you discover a new strand of grey hair?  Oh, what horror!  Celebrate it, you have earned it!
Take out your great-gran's carefully packed tea set, decorate the breakfast table with flowers, bake some fresh scones and celebrate being alive!  What a gift, what a treasure!  Celebrate the people who are alive, but also celebrate the people who have passed on and who have left you with the legacy of their beautiful souls!
Rejoice at the sunrise, toast the sunset, celebrate the heartbeat of your husband or wive there next to you and invite Gratefulness to reside in your every thought.
Yes, life can be tough, terrible, sad and it can leave us mangled, but while we have it, right this moment, whatever the circumstances, look for that little spark of hope, a faint flash of joy and celebrate it. You MAY, but more than that you SHOULD.  Be happy, dearest friends, and may you find something right at this very moment to celebrate.

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