Thursday, 30 May 2019

Take a Chance, Make a Change

People once asked a wise man what is his most important message he would like to share with the world.  The wise man thought for a while before he answered. His reply was simple, but not really what his followers expected.  He answered, "This too shall pass."

Change.  It is the one constant in life.  Yet most of us fear change.  We are afraid of the uncertainty it holds.  We prefer the security of our comfort zone.  Many people, however, dream of change.  They imagine what it would be like if they changed their careers, moved to a different city, tried out a new hairstyle or revamped their image.  Not so many of them actually do it.  Sometimes we might even go as far to share these dreams with others only to be discouraged by words such as "oh no, you would look dreadful with short hair"  or "you won't really be able to make a living as an artist".  Thus we stay stuck, tucking our dreams away.  You see, people are not only afraid of their own changes, but also fear what your change will do to their lives.

I want to tell you that it is quite OK, you MAY change.  You may try out a new hairstyle, paint your house pink or pursue your dream of becoming a dolphin trainer.  Yes, there are no guarantees, and yes, change is scary but more scary is never taking the chance and regretting it forever.  Of course, it does not mean that you must just recklessly take the plunge.  No, it is important that you do your research, make sure that it is what you really want and weigh up the pro's and cons carefully.  Equally important is that you must make sure YOU want to make the change and that it is not somebody else's idea for your life.  You must do it for yourself, for your own happiness.

Change may be unsettling, but it is also very exciting, and you may be amazed where life might take you.  Whatever you decide, I wish you joy and prosperity and a whole lot of fun!

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