Monday, 13 May 2019

Too Short

This week-end it was Mother's Day in my part of the world.  Once again I realized what an amazing privilege it is to be a Mommy.  I enjoyed every moment I could be with my daughter, and thoughts of my other daughter swirled in my mind all day long.
However, amidst the happy moments I was sharing with my daughter, I was also intensely aware of the how transient life was.  The sadness of life's frailty washed over me as I heard of a friend of ours being taken up in hospital while another friend of mine's mom passed away.  Yet another friend's daughter fell ill. Another dear friend spoke to her son in the morning and by nightfall received the news that he had passed away.   Life is beautiful, it is wonderful to be alive, yet it is fickle.  It never asks us if we are ready for this new direction, it never asks us for our opinion, nor does it consider our wishes or dreams.  It never waits for us to catch up and it seldom gives us an opportunity for a do-over.
Especially when it comes to relationships.  How often do we not think that I must make some time to visit that old friend, call that old colleague or contact that favourite uncle, but we believe we still have so much time.  Maybe tomorrow I will drop by for a visit, make a phone call or send a letter.  However, before we know it another year has passed until there is no more time.
Maybe we should get into the habit of seizing this moment.  Don't wait for tomorrow, do it NOW.  Make that call, write that letter.  Paint that picture, write that poem, use your best crockery and bake that pie.  Life is too short for regrets.

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