Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Restore...Renew Week 1, Day 3: Get Moving!

The third day of our four week Restore...Renew program!  How are you doing?  As you can see the changes or ideas are small and easily do-able. Today we are going to stretch ourselves a little bit out of our comfort zone.  We are going to park a little further from work or the shops and walk a little farther than usual.  Instead of using the lift or the escalator, we are going to take the stairs.  We are going to park at the opposite end of the mall, far from where we actually want to be.  If you are desk bound for most of the day, you should try to get up every thirty minutes and stretch a few times, walk for a minute or two before resuming your work.  Yes, the idea is to get active small steps at a time.  If you are already walking a lot in the office, then do it faster.  Get the blood pumping through your veins.  Every time you get up from your desk try to do ten squats.  Go on then, get moving, and make it fun!

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