Thursday, 11 January 2018

Restore...Renew Week 2, day 4: You are Beautiful

Welcome to  Week 2, Day 4 of my Restore...Renew program.  Today is about positive thinking.  Most of us know that positive thinking is very important, but when faced with difficulties we tend to forget about it.  We become so focus on everything that is going wrong, all the obstacles we are facing and the stress of living that we cannot see the light.  
Therefore, today I want you to make a point of bringing positive thoughts into your life.  Especially positive thoughts about yourself.  Write down a positive affirmation.  Repeat it out loud to yourself throughout the day, put it as your Facebook status, make it your screensaver and your wallpaper.  Decorate it and put it where you can see it all day long.
Thinking positive thoughts helps us to smile at life.  It enhances our feelings of goodwill and improves our energy levels.  Positive thinking helps us to see the bigger picture and aids us in achieving our goals.  Through it we in turn can inspire and encourage others.  We feel physically invigorated and excited about life.  Problems become opportunities.  A positive attitude attracts people and opens the lines of communication.  A positive frame of mind enables us to see opportunities and it boosts our self-esteem.  Speaking words of affirmation  and repeating them often is a great antidote for depression.
Go on, choose your words of affirmation and celebrate it today.  You are Brave, Confident and Beautiful!

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