Saturday, 6 January 2018

Restore...Renew Week 1, Day 6: Uniquely You

Today's post is about YOUR name.  Every baby who is born receives a name.  A name is an acknowledgement of existence. It is a means by which an individual can be identify.  Nine out of ten times the very first thing we say after "Hello" when meeting somebody new, is "What is your name?"  When somebody remembers your name the message you get is that you were important enough to that person that he/she took the trouble to take note of who you are.
Names have power.  When we address a person by their name they pay attention to you.  Often people will pause what they are doing when you call them by their name.  Most people have been given their name for a specific reason.  Names have meaning and they often strengthen our characteristics.  People tend to life up to what is expected of them.  A girl named Grace is usually full of grace and charming. Try imagining yourself with a different name.  What name would you choose?  Why would you choose it? How would it feel being called by that name?  I have tried it, but no other name suits me as well as my own name, and I love my name. Today I want you to write down your name and decorate it.  I want you to read up about the origin of your name and its meaning.  Write these down too.  Celebrate who you are.  Celebrate the meaning of your name.You are unique.

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