Saturday, 20 January 2018

Restore...Renew Week 3, Day 6: The Best Medicine

I hope you are having a nice relaxing Saturday.  Week-ends are really a blessing, they give us a much needed rest from all the stress we have to cope with during the week.  Today's challenge is an easy one.  I want you to watch a comedy, either a movie or a comedy show.  I want you to watch something which makes you laugh and does not take a lot of brain power.  It's time for your facial and tummy muscles to do a bit of exercise.  Laughter releases serotonin, that wonderful feel-good hormone.  Laughter also increases our oxygen intake and helps our muscles relax.  Are you feeling tense, is your neck or back in spasm due to tension?  The doctor prescribes a healthy dose of laughter.  In fact it is said that laughing can actually help to alleviate pain due to the release of more endorphin which is a natural pain-killer.  Watching a comedy show with friends or family is also a great way to build stronger relationships and to defuse interpersonal tension.  Have you ever stood outside a cinema waiting for the next show?  Have you taken note of the patrons leaving the theater after watching a comedy?  Not a single person exits the movie theater with a frown or grumpy face.  They all come out laughing, sharing their favourite moments with one another, laughing all the way.   Their stress, pain, anxiety or disputes are momentarily forgotten.  The effect of it even lasts into the following day.  Watching a comedy puts us into a good mood and it creates an atmosphere of happiness.  So, there it is.  Your prescription for today, an hour and a half of comedy and laughter.  Have a fabulous time!

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