Friday, 5 January 2018

Restore...Renew Week 1, Day 5: Disconnect

Technology has really changed our lives over the past couple of decades.  Mostly the changes have been great.  I often smile when watching old movies and see how there are no cellphones to get the hero out of a tight spot, and a spy has to make covert use of a phone booth!  Technology has certainly made the lives of movie directors, hero's and villains much easier! However, there are certain drawbacks which come with technology.  People are getting increasingly dependent on it, and as far as social media is concerned we are becoming more and more distant from the people sitting right next to us, and living under the same roof as us.  It is incredible how easy it is in today's world to stay in touch with friends and family living far away.  Yet, it is terribly sad that communicating with those right by our side is becoming less and less.  Walk into any household unexpectedly and you will find the whole family busy staring at their phones, chatting to somebody on the other side of cyber space, or looking up tidbits of information.  We are slowly becoming strangers to one another and becoming increasingly isolated.  For today, I want you to switch your phone off.  Send messages to all those who might expect you to talk to them during the course of the evening, or put it as your status that you will be out of reach for the duration of your Friday evening.  When your family member come home have them do the same and collect all the phones in a basket.  Tomorrow morning they may have them back again.  Spend the evening talking to one another, share the days events and enjoy being a family together.  Time is precious.  The here and now, the being together is precious.
For tonight, let everyone who wants to contact you hear:  "The person you have dialed is not available..."

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